Today, however, we will talk exclusively about front end technologies. FALA has provided semiconductor material handling and support services to Albany Nanotech for years. Since its inception, International Sematech North, has regularly used FALA’s mini-environment enclosures, reticle depodders and reticle sorters for ultra-clean product handling. In 2004, FALA Technologies extended its leading bearing product from 200mm to 300mm to meet crucial requirements and to ensure the company’s continued leading position in the market. In addition, FALA now exports its bearings, most notably, to the Asian marketplace.

In general, accessibility, speed, and performance, are crucial objectives that front-end development aims to achieve. You can extend the functionality of your plugins and scripts by using built-in tasks. NPM version 6 introduced the audit feature to assist developers with identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities in installed packages.

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We listed some of the best front-end technologies used in 2022 above. Front-end technologies are essential to provide a good user experience. Developers must have good command over the 3 primary programming languages to access the best frameworks and design a simple and easy interface.

It’s the true programming language of front-end engineering and the underlying language that ties everything together. The front end stack is made up of many different languages and libraries. While these vary from application to application, there are only a few generic languages understood by all web browsers. These three main front-end coding languages are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


There are different types of web applications with different behaviors depending on how they’re built. While all these web application types still use web technologies they generally fall under the categories of client-side, server-side, or single-page applications. Back-end web developers integrate dynamic features into modern websites.

  • Backend developers create systems that secure every user’s data – especially when dealing with payment processing systems.
  • Besides that, it comes with some additional built-in features like nested pages, error boundaries, and loading state handlers.
  • Though server-side applications by and large still display content and/or UIs, the most dynamic of code resides in the web server.
  • JavaScript – JavaScript employs website automation processes so web developers don’t have to separately edit each case of the process appearing on a page.
  • If your application front-end works seamlessly, users would love to use it and recommend it to others.
  • Most Front-End Developers and Engineers coordinate with user experience teams.

Developers may need to explain design issues to clients who may not have technical backgrounds.CreativityCreative front-end developers improve the look, feel, and usability of websites. They help to ensure that a site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate beyond functionality alone. The growing adoption of Web3 technologies is significantly Interaction between backend and frontend impacting the frontend development landscape. To meet the requirements of these apps, developers are leveraging a variety of Web3-specific frontend frameworks and libraries such as Web3.js, ethers.js, wagmi, and Truffle. AngularJS is a TypeScript-based web app framework that is an integral part of the MEAN technology stack.

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Vue is primarily recognized for the small size of documents and HTML-based syntax. Again, to immerse yourself in Vue.js advantages and disadvantages click the link. Front-End Developers also use other tools, ranging from content management systems like WordPress and Drupal to libraries and frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.

Front-End Technologies

Polymer.js library is built on top of web standards API, allowing faster creation of custom elements. Also, it offers polyfills web component specifications to create reusable widgets and elements. HTML5 Boilerplate is a leading HTML, CSS and JavaScript template meant to design HTML5 websites that have cross-browser compatibility. It offers a professional front-end template that assists in creating a robust, quick website with several attractive features and good elements of HTML5. There is accessibility to Google Analytics snippet and placeholder touch-device icon.

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It includes visual elements like a landing page, buttons, forms, menus, aesthetics, etc. Angular is a front-end framework powered by Google that is compatible with most of the common code editors. Angular is intended to create dynamic, single-page web applications , and progressive web-apps. Upon its initial release, the framework was most appreciated for its ability to convert HTML-based documents into dynamic content. You can explore this topic in our article on the pros and cons of Angular development.

Front-End Technologies

Instead, SPAs have desirable advantages of both client-side apps and server-side apps. As system settings differ from one device to the next, and web apps are by definition multi-platform, developers plainly don’t program apps to work with such specifications. Native technology will always carry an advantage over non-native technologies. Since web apps aren’t native, they don’t have the same capacity to collaborate effectively with the hardware and operating system of your specific device.

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The testing process followed by the available front end testing tools often follows a similar pattern. For a successful testing session, you need to be aware of the scope of your project, and the time and resources available to you. There exist repositories where all these software packages are stored. You can even use a package manager to publish your packages to the repository so that other developers can download and use them. Task runners are tools that help automate parts of the coding process so that you don’t have to perform tasks repeatedly.

Front-End Technologies

The backend technologies manage the ‘behind the scenes’ functionality to make the right decision in the process of web application development. These guarantee speed, scalability and quickly respond to user queries. This well-known framework is used for creating rich single-page web apps and is based on MVP that stands for Model View Presenter.

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On top of that, some technologies also determine what kind of experience a user will have when they interact with these interfaces. These technologies enable us to see websites in their best possible visual form. There are a plethora of frontend and backend technologies available for developers. Whether you are a startup, small business, or large organization, the above list will surely narrow down your search for suitable technology.